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We have become a part of a big travel company Randon TRAVEL and are proud to offer tours to other destinations. Randon TRAVEL has been selling tours to Slovak customers for a while and we would like to offer this great tours to our foreign customers as well. All these tours will be organized by approved local operators and also accompanied by the owner of Beautiful-Slovakia Michal Pohancenik



Experience the unique atmosphere of white nights in the Baltics, Russia and Finland. Visit with us the noble Petersburg, also known as the "Venice of the East". A town situated on 40 islands that will welcome the impressive architecture that represents a particularly famous Winter Palace, the Temple of the Resurrection and a beautiful St. Isaac cathedral, travel Russian high speed train to Helsinki and get to know the main town of Latvia and Estonia - Tallinn and Riga.



1.5 - 6.6.2015

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Duration: 7 day
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