Školské výlety
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Responsible Travel Policy




Our main goal is to present Slovakia as a beautiful country with friendly people who are willing to show  visitors their cultural heritage and traditions. We know that Slovakia still does not belong to the most attractive countries for tourists, and that´s why we want to change it. There is no reason why not to come and see Slovakia as there are lots of amazing places to see and things to do.

We offer our clients an opportunity to choose from variety of wonderful places where they can spend their free time, as well as they have possiblity to get in touch with local people.  Our intineraries are pre-planned and because we are rather a small tourist agency, we have a great advantage that our services are flexible and therefore each client is also offered unique experience centered around his/her interests and preferences. It leads to better communication with the client, moreover to enjoy his/her holiday.

Economic responsibility

As a small tour operator, we cooperate with the local companies and suppliers to provide services for our clients, such as activities, accommodation, shopping and meals.  We also offer opportunities to visit local heritage sites, local historical buildings and national parks and where possible we take part in local shows and events. By incoming we support the local companies to help them to survive and live a better life in a country that is not so economically strong.

Slovak people are very proud of their cultural heritage and they love to explore unknown and beautiful places of their home country, so does our company. Our home is the mountain region which we mostly present to our clients; therefore our guides are the most suitable people to guide you. They know all the places; they know how to communicate with the local people, so they can create an unforgettable holiday.


Environmental responsibility

Slovakia is still a well preserved country with wonderful nature and some places that are untouched by humans. To keep it, we must protect our environment and that is our main goal because existence of organisms is dependent upon the environment and humans have the power to influence the environment in which they live either in negative or positive ways.

Our tours have been designed to operate in a way that minimises our impact on the environment that we visit and to maximise the benefit that our clients can have on the host community. We focus our guests attention on local efforts to preserve flora and fauna. We will walk on well-marked paths, all rubbish will be carried out of the mountains and disposed of sensibly.  

Wherever possible, we will encourage the practice of recycling and use recycled material, for example our advertising brochures and stationery etc. are printed on 100% recycled paper.


Social responsibility

We encourage guests to explore the local culture, flora and fauna. We hire equipment from local shops, use local guides and encourage our guests to go to local restaurants, employ local people wherever possible.  Therefore our clients get to meet the local people and gain fantastic experience from them, and moreover it supports the local economy. We have a large variety of local attractions and events, not just the obvious ones but also those which are less known and marketed and in which our clients can participate.