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Short Tours

Sometimes you only have limited time to explore Slovakia and that is the reason why we created these DAY TOURS for you. We would like offer you a variety of day tours in Slovakia. These tours will show you towns like Bratislava, Banska Stiavnica or our heritage sights such as many castles, hidden villages or the world UNESCO heritage sites. We also offer guided tours of the nearby capitals - Vienna, Prague and Budapest.

Private Terezin Small-Group Tour from Prague

Private Terezin Small-Group Tour from Prague

Your tour will start at your hotel in Prague from where you will be driven to Terezin for about 45 minutes. During this tour you will learn about former Jewish Ghetto in the Terezin Big Fortress such as the Ghetto Museum, SS Camp Headquarters, Ghetto Guards Station, the Seat of the Council of Elders, Jewish Dormitories, railway tracks, The Crematorium, The Columbarium and the Jewish Prayer Room. 

See many artifacts in the museum of Terezin Concentration Camp, such as a collage of drawings by children imprisoned at the camp and the propaganda movie, which was produced by the Nazis to present Terezin as a "gift" to the Jews from Hitler. 

Also enter the gate of the Terezin concentration camp Small Fortress, a former Gestapo prison. Walk through and learn about the prison barracks, the execution grounds where firing squads murdered innocent people, the workshops, the dark solitary confinement cells and a cemetery that was built after the war. At the end of your Terezin visit you will be taken back to your hotel in Prague.

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