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Short Tours

Sometimes you only have limited time to explore Slovakia and that is the reason why we created these DAY TOURS for you. We would like offer you a variety of day tours in Slovakia. These tours will show you towns like Bratislava, Banska Stiavnica or our heritage sights such as many castles, hidden villages or the world UNESCO heritage sites. We also offer guided tours of the nearby capitals - Vienna, Prague and Budapest.

Snowshoeing in Janosik Gorge/Canyon

Snowshoeing in Janosik Gorge/Canyon

Slovakia is considered something of a hiker's paradise, with the Carpathian Mountains offering some incredible scenery to explore. The Janosik Gorge, located in the Lesser Fatra Range of those mountains, is a perfect example. Consisting of three integrated gorges (Dolne Diery, Nove Diery, and Horne Diery, or the Lower, New, and Upper Gorges) Janosik has more than twenty waterfalls. Your eyes will feast on unique rock formations, impressive cliffs, and several autochthonous plant and animal species.


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