Školské výlety
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Short Tours

Sometimes you only have limited time to explore Slovakia and that is the reason why we created these DAY TOURS for you. We would like offer you a variety of day tours in Slovakia. These tours will show you towns like Bratislava, Banska Stiavnica or our heritage sights such as many castles, hidden villages or the world UNESCO heritage sites. We also offer guided tours of the nearby capitals - Vienna, Prague and Budapest.

Your Slovakia, Your way!
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Your Slovakia, Your way!

This is our favourite tour because it lets you create your own unique holiday, your way.
Using our local knowledge, experience and connections, we will personalise your tour so that you see and do the things that interest you, so you can make the most of your holiday at a great price.

Whether you are coming to Slovakia just for one day or for many, this tour is the best choice for you to enjoy your stay. If you already know basically what you want, tell us your general ideas and we will create an optimal personalised itinerary for you and recommend the best choice of accommodation, additional activities to do along the way, as well as any other information that is sure to make your tour of Slovakia special. Of course Slovakia is a destination full of unspoiled nature and other wonders that are still unknown surprises for many people, so contact us if you need help or advice on creating your perfect trip. We will take care of booking all your accommodation, arranging the activities, transportation, transferring you and your group to and from either Bratislava or Vienna airports and then do the exciting part for us - being your personal certified tour guide! We suggest various types of tours and inclusions to make your trip complete, such as city tours, sightseeing tours, castle tours, or activities such as cycling, hiking, rafting, golf and many more suitable for a short stay or a longer holiday. So if you are planning a holiday here or just passing through Slovakia, why not stay for a while and spend the time on the holiday of lifetime! Apart from accommodation and tickets (such as for museums and other individual costs), the price of this tour is fixed per day and it stays the same whether you are a group or an individual, so you can also take your family or friends for the same price. We are based in the middle of Slovakia (Zilina) so we don't just concetrate on the capital but we also know and recommend many hidden parts of Slovakia that will surprise you

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