Školské výlety
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Sightseeing Tours

We offer various tours of all Central Europe including Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland and Czech republic and especially would like you to see the hidden paradise in this part of the world - Slovakia, which might be a small country, roughly the size of Switzerland, but surely has got a lot to offer. From stunning castles, that have beginnings in the 11th century, such as the UNESCO heritage Spis castle or the famous Nosferatu castle Orava. But Slovakia is also famous for its open air musems of historic Slovak village, where you can see the architecture and take a look inside of a typical traditional log house and learn and imagine the everyday life of our ancestors or mountains such as High Tatras, Mala and Velka Fatra typical slovak villages such as Cicmany, Terchova or even the world heritage caves. We have created the tours, that would include all the famous sites, but also some hidden parts, that only we know about!

10-day sightseeing tour of Central Europe

Journey through Vienna, Bratislava, Krakow, and Prague. Over 10 days discover breath-taking architecture, glorious scenic beauty, historic heritage, and an array of culinary curios, from Schonbrunn


Beer, wine and spirit tour

This tour offers you the opportunity to try all the famous spirits in Slovakia. We will start with wine tasting, than continue on to beer tasting in one of the oldest breweries and than try the world


Castles tour

Almost every region of Slovakia offers an opportunity to explore the castles, most of which were built before the half of the 15th century. Castles were either recontructed or have fallen into ruin an


Prague to Vienna private tour

This private tour of Central Europe starts in Prague and finishes in Vienna. This tour will take you through the nicest parts of Czech republic, Slovakia and Austria. We will start in Prague, then con


The Highlights of Slovakia tour

Slovakia is a very small country roughly the size of Switzerland and located in the heart of Europe.This tour will show you all the Highlights of Slovakia in just 8 days. From stunning castles, that


UNESCO World Heritage tour

UNESCO - United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization  is the organization that among other goals focuses also on the preservation of the cultural and natural heritage around


Vienna to Prague Multi-Day Tour Including Bratislava and Krakow

Enjoy a walking tour of Vienna on your first day and see highlights such as Stephansplatz, Vienna Opera House, Parliament and taste original Viennese Sacher Torte before you enjoy an evening


Vienna, Bratislava, Krakow, Prague tour

This 15day tour of Central Europe starts in Vienna then continues through Slovakia to Krakow, then throught the czech countriside to Prague. This tour offers the best things from all these coutries su